vocal Lessons

All Vocal Lessons happen in our music school in Moseley with all our vocal teachers have at least 5 years teaching experience. This means we'll be able to understand how to help you achieve what you want to in your singing journey from your first lesson!

Since we opening our music school for Vocal lessons, we've helped over 100 Vocalists and Singers pass their their rockschool exams!

Singing Lessons

Free trial lessons are limited to 5 a month on a first come first serve basis, so be quick! 

Jazz, rock, pop, r'N'B, MOTOWn and more.  WE'VE GOT IT COVERED! 


Our Vocal teachers are incredibly passionate about teaching, and care about their students’ progress hugely providing regular opportunities each year for our students to perform and showcase their singing and vocal abilities! 

We invite friends and family to a professional venue so students can perform in front of hundreds of people. This is also supplemented by regular parental feedback sessions if required.

We encourage all of our students to take regular Graded Exams (but it's 100% optional) it's a great way to build confidence and really drive home the skills they learn as well as providing a benchmark of their progress. Our grades are fully accredited to be equivalent to GCSEs at the lower end all the way up to A-levels and UCAS points for university entry at the higher grade 6 – 8 end.